Monday, July 27, 2009

I think I changed my mind.

Kel suprize.
I think this is the winner:
It is a little complicated (read as "a lot"), but really really cool.
  • It's called "stella Cable and Lace Jacket" but I read the whole thing 4 times and can't find a single cable.
  • It's really "fashiony" but quite wearable for everyday if I do it in a wardrobe staple color.
  • It's got crazy complicated construction, making it a challenge, but one I'll enjoy.
  • obviously, I'll look like I'm in a photo shoot at all times when I wear it... at least that's what I understand from the photo.


  • There might be hidden cables I didn't find. Damn cables.
  • It needs a lot of yarn, and I only have a few choices in my stash that might work, only one of which is a nice basic color.
  • I read the gauge instructions to swatch the other night, and there are different gauges FOR EACH SECTION! One for the sleeve cuffs, one for the sleeve body, one for the lower body, one for the upper body, one for the upper back, one for the collar, and one for the front edging. It calls for 6 (I think) different needles. My plan is to just cast on a damn sleeve and measure as I go. (This is a tad scary.)
  • I have a tendency to look more like I'm in a photo shoot for the "Don't" section of a fashion magazine than the uber awesome fashion layout section, so my dreams of look amazingly stylish might be a bit overzealous.

The other front runner, currently, is this :


  • Vintagy feel, so I, of course, love it.
  • there are no cables, or other annoying bits.
  • Straight forward construction, with only two needle sizes, making it take a long friendly.
  • I haven't knit anything from this book yet, and I made myself a goal to knit at least one thing out of each book I own before I buy more books. (For the record, this will never happen, but I'm giving it a go anyway.)
  • I will look like Lana Turner in it.


  • It is not as "everyday wearable" as other patterns.
  • I have yet to make a jacket construction sweater that actually fits me correctly, and given that track record, I'm inclined to think that this one will be the same level of success.
  • I tend to get hot with my sweaters closed up, and I'm not sure this will look good unbuttoned.
  • I, in no way resemble Lana Turner currently, and unless there is magic yarn on my closet, I don't see this actually happening.

Or, you know, maybe I'll just knit the Tilted Duster.


  1. I vote for the Balloon Sleeve Jacket, Val.

  2. If ANYONE has been holding out on me re: magic yarn in the closet that makes people resemble LT, they are in SO much trouble.

    I vote BSJ also. :)

  3. Stella! It is so pretty! And I like your reasoning better with that sweater than the other one.