Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hey Teach! Progress Report

In keeping with the academic spirit of Hey Teach, I thought I'd post a progress report:

Ease of knitting: A+ It's ribbing, stockinette, and a lace pattern so simple even I managed to memorize it.
Behavior: B I'm still really loving the yarn, and everything seems to be coming out the way it ought to, but since it's knit in pieces I'm just going to have to hope it's all the right size and shape and press onward. I wish I could try it on like Knelly did with hers. :)
Overall progress: Very satisfactory!

One nice thing about this sweater is that it really seems to grow quickly (by my slow knitting standards, at least). Here's a photo of the completed back section.
I finished this up last night while watching tv, and stayed up just a little later than I meant to so I could cast on for the first side of the front.