Monday, November 2, 2009

It's the first of November and my sweater is not yet finished. I'm not discouraged but I had a problem with understanding how to put the sleeves in. I had to wait a week before I got someone to show me what to do. I was doing it correctly but it just didn't look right. Then I had to do two more rows before starting the yoke and don't you know I must have ripped those rows out at least three times. I couldn't end up with the correct number of stitches. Now that's been resolved so I'm knitting the yoke. It's starting to look really nice. I have two inches to knit and there's 363 stitches on the circular needles so I'm plugging along. I think I might be done in two weeks. I made a shawl from a pattern that Michael's had from Lion Brand. It called for Homespun yarn and I had two skeins that I could use. I have decided that I probably will never buy that yarn again. But I did like the shawl. The finishing was fantastic. It called for a crochet bind off. I loved it. It'll will be a few more months before I get back to Thursday SnB; but when I do I'll bring the shawl with me. I really miss everyone. Hope you are all doing well. Blogless Pat

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