Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hey Teach(ing Assistant)!

My project for this knit-along is Hey Teach by Hélène Rush. I've been eyeing this pattern for a while now, and this knit-along seemed like the perfect occasion to get started. Plus, as a soon-to-be teaching assistant this fall in grad school, I thought the name was kind of appropriate. :)
I haven't yet managed to finish an adult-sized garment yet, so I've got my fingers crossed for this one.
I'm using Knitpicks Comfy yarn in cashew, a nice tan color. It's a very pleasant and squishy cotton/acrylic blend. So far today I've finished my gauge swatch, cast on, and gotten partway into the stockinette section that forms the bottom portion of the back. Only 5 more inches of stockinette to go (sigh). I'll try to post a picture tomorrow, when hopefully it will look like something more interesting than a long strip of fabric.